Jessica Alba Trys to Attack Bill O’Reilly, But Fails.

The other day, she was trying to say Sweden remained neutral during WWII and she got proven wrong, then responded with a Wikipedia (the site any one can edit) page for her proof, which was also a fail considering it said right on the page it was supposed to be a neutral country, but its actions during the war were every thing but neutral… So apparently reading isn’t her strong suit, nor history, and after watching this video, seems to go with what Hollywood thinks, considering she called some one a “A-Hole” then when asked couldn’t give a single example, then to add insult to her own injury, she took it a step further, admitting she “doesn’t watch fox”… Which is comical, because most people who don’t watch shows, don’t have opinions on them… Jessica Alba wins the “Sorry I am So Stupid” award this month… Which celeb will snag it next month? Maybe a Matt Damon return?

Here is the quote from the first paragraph in the Wikipedia Page Jessica Alba attempted to use as her “source”..

The policy of Sweden during World War II was to remain neutral. Swedish neutrality had been the policy for more than a century, since the end of the Napoleonic Wars. However, official policy and actions have often been at odds. However, Sweden’s military and government have been involved in major peacekeeping actions and other military support functions.

Now if Mrs. Alba spent a little more time reading, opposed to talking and “acting” like she knows, she would have came across this…

At the outbreak of the Finnish Winter War in November 1939 Sweden declared itself not neutral, but ”non-belligerent”. This allowed the country to send volunteers and weapons to Finland. Sweden and Finland also laid minefields in the Sea of Åland to deter Soviet submarines from entering the Gulf of Bothnia.

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