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Heidi Montag to Launch Her Clothing Line “Heidi Wood” from CelebParasite.com

Just to let every one know right off the bat, this article is from CelebParasite.com I simply found the article its self so funny I had to link to it. CLICK HERE to Read the Article at CelebParasite.com about Heidi Montags new clothing like “Heidi Wood”…

Popularity: 35% [?]

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One Response to “Heidi Montag to Launch Her Clothing Line “Heidi Wood” from CelebParasite.com”

  1. Sandy Khammao Says:

    hey i think heidi is a loser and her clothes can never and let me quote that NEVER be better then Lauren Conrad’s clothes. Heidi and Spencer might i mention that he’s a loser, are just trying to find easy money. spencer you need to get off your lazy butt and find a real job, instead of living off your parents money.. thats all..

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